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The Fund My Business Tools from Venture Hothouse are a set of business planning, growth and investment readiness products which are cloud based and highly collaborative.

The Tools are designed to help economic development organisations and projects better deploy their business growth advisors and mentors to support multiple growth businesses.

The Tools support entrepreneurs, start-ups, existing and high growth businesses to produce high level business and investment planning scenarios to accelerate their enterprises, and where required, raise substantial financial support.

Our tools are designed to be owned by your project, for the benefit of the businesses you support, at a cost which enables you to support more sustainable and growing enterprises.

Our tools will reduce the time required to physically interact with each customer by allowing you to evaluate, input and recommend changes to a plan via our cloud based system, providing you have an internet connection and browser. Furthermore, businesses will have the opportunity to write and publish high level collaborative business and investment readiness plans in half the time and be able to share their content and ideas with colleagues and their business advisor, without leaving their business premises. This, crucially, helps reduce costs, downtime and in some cases, disappointment.

You Can Offer Our Business & Financial Planning Tools To Your Customers . . .

The Advantages and Benefits of using the Fund My Business Tools include:

• Low cost of intervention
• Cloud based – evaluate from anywhere, on your phone or tablet
• Secured shared access for users, colleagues and advisors
• Track the number of customers in your area producing business growth plans
• Huge reduction in travel, overheads and your carbon footprint
• Standardise your Regional, Local, ERDF and other growth funding plans
• Endorsed by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills
• Endorsed by the British Venture Capital Association

With less money, and the need to engage with more mature businesses that have the propensity to grow, the Government are advocating a migration towards privately owned, web-based enterprise support service providers. Venture Hothouse (the author of the tools) is recognised by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) as one such provider of high quality business planning, growth and investment readiness tools.

We are looking to form partnerships with economic development business support organisations that will bring together our digital expertise with your sound understanding of the business support market place, to deliver and support innovative solutions in your business support sector.
For further information please Contact Us in the first instance.

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