Helping You Choose the Right Edition for Your Business

If you are an entrepreneur, start-up, social enterprise or existing business, the FMB tools will make it simple for you to compile high quality business plans - making it far easier for you to raise funding, open a business bank account, apply for bank finance or apply for grant funds.

Subscription starts at just £10 per month and you don't have to be an expert to use the FMB Tools.

Having a high quality business plan available also demonstrates to others your commitment to your business - which in turn is crucial when are apply for funding or most other types of business support.

With the support of the BVCA, our suite of tools represents a distillation of industry best practice and will help set new standards for enterprise in the UK.

Each Edition has been designed for you in such a way that it functions as an educational tool, just as much as a practical business tool; guiding you through each stage of the business plan and financial process and ensuring you include all of the key information required to help you apply for the funding you require.

There are 3 Editions of the FMB Tools available:

  • Micro – If you are thinking of starting a very small business, or you are a sole trader, a social enterprise or perhaps a student building an enterprise as part of a course, it is still vital to plan your venture properly. Our 'Micro Edition' offers the simplest method of achieving a sound business plan (including 3 year financial forecasting) and is suitable for; crowd funding, grant funding, bank finance and to be used to build the framework for starting and growing your business.

    Using the Tools may also help provide the supporting documentation you need; perhaps to open a business bank account, apply for place on a business growth programme or make an application for a place in an business incubation unit.

    The subscription cost for the Micro Edition is just £10pm

  • SME – The 'SME Edition' offers a more detailed business plan together with 5 year financial forecasting. This version caters for existing businesses and entrepreneurs who require a sophisticated business plan but are not currently seeking Venture Capital or Angel Investment (funding in exchange for equity). This version helps entrepreneurs to raise the most common non VC methods of business funding.

    Using the SME Edition for example, may help provide your existing business with the supporting documentation needed to raise bank finance for the purchase of new business premises, an acquisition, to fund an expansion programme or to fund capital expenditure projects.

    The subscription cost for the SME Edition is just £18pm

  • Investor – The 'Investor Edition' is specifically designed for those who require a true investor-ready business plan and financial forecast in order to support applications to raise Venture Capital, Angel Funding and other types of Equity Funding. This Edition also produces your financial assumptions document, compiles the content for management presentation slides and features detailed reporting including yearly start-up valuations, internal rate of return, five year monthly cash flow analysis and much more.

    The Investor Edition has been developed with cooperation from the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) in order to help improve both the quality of business plans and the efficiency of assessing business investment opportunities. So for those looking to raise Seed Funding, first or second round VC Funding or Angel Investment, this is the Edition for you.

    One of the major benefits of subscribing to the Investor Edition will be the forthcoming opportunity to automatically place your completed FMB business plans in front of the Membership of the BVCA for no additional cost.

    You will be given a further option to have your completed business plan scored and in some cases subsequently matched with individuals from within VC companies. Our scoring and matching service - developed in partnership with the BVCA - will be launched later this year. Check out our News area for updates. 

    The subscription cost for the Investor Edition is just £25pm

If you sign up with one of our FMB Partners or Affiliates, they may offer you a discount voucher to use our Tools via this website or directly from their own website. This could reduce the above subscription prices further. Contact our Partners or Affiliates for their latest offers.

Regardless of which version you require, the principle of compiling information for your business plan and financial forecast is based on simple, step-by-step data entry with guides to help you complete each screen properly. You can save your work and come back to amend it at any time. Each version is compatible so that even a Micro plan can be upgraded into an investor-ready proposition.

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