The Investor Edition . . . just £25pm

The Investor Edition is specifically designed for those who require a true investor-ready business plan and financial forecast in order to support applications to raise Venture Capital, Angel Funding and other types of Equity Funding. This Edition also produces your financial assumptions document, compiles the content for management presentation slides and features detailed reporting including yearly start-up valuations, internal rate of return, five year monthly cash flow analysis and much more. 

The Investor Edition has been developed for entrepreneurs, early stage businesses, start-ups, university spin-outs etc. with cooperation from the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) in order to help improve both the quality of business plans and the efficiency of assessing equity investment opportunities. So for those looking to raise Seed Funding, first or second round VC Funding or Angel Investment, this is the Edition for you.

One of the major benefits of subscribing to the Investor Edition will be the forthcoming opportunity to automatically place your completed FMB business plans in front of the Membership of the BVCA for no additional cost. 

You will be given a further option to have your completed business plan scored and in some cases subsequently matched with individuals from within VC companies. Our scoring and matching service - developed in partnership with the BVCA - will be launched later this year. Check out our News area for updates.

The subscription cost for the Investor Edition is just £25pm

Regardless of which Edition of our Tools you require, the principle of compiling information for your business plan and financial forecast is based on simple, step-by-step data entry with guides to help you complete each screen properly. You can save your work and come back to amend it at any time. Each version is compatible so that even a Micro plan can be upgraded into an investor-ready proposition.

The Investor Edition is organised into the following sections:

  • Company Details – your business name and contact details

  • Business Description – basic details about your business including your chosen sector categories 

  • Financial Forecast – where you enter your products, services, sales, costs etc. 

  • Business Plan – where you write the text to support your business proposal 

  • Management Presentation – where you write the content for your business presentation slides 

  • Supporting Files & Images – where you can upload logos, images & documents etc. 

  • View My Business Proposal – your saved work is kept in one place for easy viewing 

  • Create Secure Login – where you can create a read-only login for others (such as Mentors/Investors) to view your business proposal

Three of the key sections are the Financial Forecast, the Business Plan and the Management Presentation.

Financial Forecast

The Financial Forecast section helps you to plan the financial aspects of your business. A good financial forecast will show you in advance how well your business is likely to perform. It is important to be aware that a good forecast will usually be required to raise money for your business.

This Forecast area is made up of the following topics:
  • What we will sell and where/how we will sell it - details about your products and services, territories and routes to market

  • How many we will sell and at what price and cost 

  • What our other business costs are - premises, utilities, wages, purchases etc. 

  • Bank account details and any business loans and grants you might already have

  • The Equity Funding required and the Equity share being offered in return

  • Reporting – a separate area to view the results of your forecast

Some of the primary reports that the Financial Forecast produces include;
  • Financial Assumptions Document

  • 60 Month Financial Forecast

  • Annual Financial Forecast

Some of the monthly/annual reports that the Financial Forecast produces include;
  • Revenues from Products and Services

  • Cost of Sale 

  • Wages & Overheads Analysis

  • Capital Expenditure 

  • Projected Profit/Loss Account 

  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

  • Equity Investment Table

  • Use of Funds Statement

Business Plan

The Business Plan section takes you through the process of writing each stage of your Business Plan and Executive Summary. You will be guided - step by step – at each stage with text examples that show you the right type of information to enter on each screen.
A Business Plan contains all of the supporting text which describes your Business Proposal in detail. Your completed Business Plan will also contain the summary financial information about your business. This is automatically taken from the Financial Forecast information that you enter. Therefore, in order help you finalise your plan it is best to complete the Financial Forecast prior to the Business Plan. 

The Business Plan section will help you cover topics such as;
  • Background

  • Opportunity 

  • Mission and Strategy 

  • Products & Services 

  • Management 

  • Routes to Market 

  • Sales & Marketing 

  • Competition 

  • Operations and Overheads

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Investment Proposal

The Tools take information from the financial forecast you entered and, using this, populates appropriate sections of the business plan. The overall output from the SME Edition provides you with a completed Business Plan and Executive Summary.

All of the reports are available as PDF's.

Management Presentation

The Management Presentation section takes you through the process of writing the content for your Management Presentation to Investors. You will be guided - step by step – at each stage with examples that show you the right type of content to enter on each screen. During the process, there is a facility which will enable you to cross-reference against the content of your Executive Summary (compiled during the Business Plan section) to help ensure consistency. 

The Management Presentation section will help you cover topics such as;
  • Background

  • Mission and Strategy 

  • Products & Services 

  • Management 

  • Routes to Market 

  • Intellectual Property, Patents & Trademarks 

  • Sales & Marketing 

  • Operations and Overheads 

  • Financial Summary

Once you have completed the content for your Management Presentation to Investors, you may wish to engage with a designer in order to convert this into a PowerPoint presentation or similar.

For those seeking equity funding, a subscription to our Investor Edition from £25pm will provide an opportunity to place your completed business plans and financials in front of BVCA Members. . .

The developers 'Venture Hothouse' have been working in collaboration with the BVCA for over 12 months, establishing the most common headaches BVCA members face when sourcing and evaluating potential opportunities. The result of this collaborative work has been implemented into the FMB application and as a result, will provide BVCA members with free access to view business plans that are created from subscribers to our Investor Edition once this facility is launched. 

Later in 2013, an Evaluation Module within FMB will enable BVCA members to create detailed profiles of specific investment criteria of interest, which will subsequently ‘power’ an intelligent matching engine. This will effectively act as a ‘virtual dating agency’ between entrepreneurs and funders.

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