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Venture Central is a website designed by the BVCA to act as a one-stop-shop for venture capitalists and existing or aspiring entrepreneurs. It contains a wide range of information, including advice on how to get funding and what VCs are looking for, as well as case studies and useful documents.

Launched in June 2013, Venture Central is a repository of resources for all of those interested in entrepreneurialism and venture capital.
Divided into four sections, Venture Central has been designed to meet the needs of the entrepreneur who is looking to raise finance for their business. Constantly updated, it provides news, features and guides for the small business manager. The section are made up of:

  1. Finding Investment: a section dedicated entirely to ensuring business owners and entrepreneurs can find the right type of investment for their company.
  2. VC Explained: an overview of the venture capital industry, what it does, how it works and what a venture capitalist is looking for in a business.
  3. Enterprise Britain: a showcase of the business and entrepreneurial talent in the UK. Features case studies, exit news and useful resources.
  4. News, Events & Training: featuring industry news, BVCA news and notifications about BVCA events and training.
Venture Central is THE resource for the entrepreneur and all those looking to find out more about how venture capital is supporting innovation and its impact on the UK economy.

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